About Us

About Us

“Betts was built on hard work and a client-centered attitude.”

Betts Environmental still maintains the same core values that we were established 25 years ago: a good work ethic, customer-centered attitude, attention to detail, and a drive to always go the extra mile.

Betts has been in business since 1993 and has experience in sonic, environmental and geotechnical drilling and contracting in the Southeastern US. Betts has four locations (Atlanta, Adel, Jacksonville and Tallahassee) to serve you. Our experience includes monitor well and recovery well construction and abandonment, drilling and sampling of subsurface materials, surface sampling of water and soil, remediation of soils by excavation and disposal, and groundwater treatment systems.

Betts works with engineering and geological firms as well as municipal governments on remediation and construction projects. Betts Environmental has also served as the lead drilling company on numerous contaminated site assessment and field supervision for the excavation of contaminated soils at several industrial sites.

History of Betts Environmental

Tony Betts did not start out as a driller, he worked on his family farm until the fall of 1993. He began doing some fieldwork that involved pulling up and working on underground storage tanks. In 1994, he started Betts Environmental. The company worked on smaller jobs around South Georgia until April 1994. He got a call to help clean up the big petroleum spill in Columbus, GA.

Underground tanks were heavily leaking and there was three feet of petroleum built up on top of groundwater. Tony, Billy, and their one employee operated excavators digging 15-foot trenches to pull groundwater and separate. They were also setting recovery wells with their very first drill rig, a 10-foot-tall and 5-foot-wide drill rig that ran on an 8-horsepower lawn mower engine. The rig had two wheels and they transported it by pulling it behind their pickup truck. This job began to require a larger rig than what Betts currently had. Tony was asked if they had a full-size rig and he said, “no but we will get one.” Within that week they bought a rig, learned to use it and began operating it on the Columbus site. This job is where Betts truly got its name and start.

The environmental industry took notice of this small crew from South Georgia and Betts started getting referrals from all over Georgia and Florida. With the continued demand and need for a reliable drilling and environmental company (and employees), Betts has invested in equipment, employees, and expanded to four locations over the past 25 years to better serve our clients.