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Here at Betts Environmental it has been our goal since 1993 to bring you the best drilling and environmental contracting services available. Betts constantly strives to continue being the leader in our industry. Just as we value your business, we also value your opinion on how well we are performing.

Betts Environmental greatly appreciates your cooperation and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

·         Environmental Soil and Water Sampling:
·         Utilizing Geoprobe 7822 DT (Direct Push)
·         Open and Closed Piston Soil Sampling
·         Peristaltic Pumping of Discrete Well Water and Sampling
·         Environmental Monitoring Well Installation:
·         Dual phase monitor wells
·         Type III double cased wells
·         Air sparge wells
·         Soil vapor extraction wells
·         Remediation system recovery wells
·         Multi cased wells
·         2” and 4” monitor wells utilizing rock hammering
·         2” and 4” monitor wells utilizing rock coring
·         Stainless Steel monitor wells
·         Rock Coring / Hammering
·         Geo-Technical Drilling Services
·         Data Collection
·         Performance
·         Underground and Above-ground Storage Tank Removals
·         Demolition – Buildings, Canopies, Parking Lots, Curbs, etc.
·         Remediation/Recovery Systems and Services – Full Scale Remediation
·         Contaminated Waste remediation – Soil and Water
·         Landfill Methane Well Drilling Services with All Terrain Drill Rig
·         Above-ground Storage Tank Installations
·         Monitor Well Development
·         Monitor and Water Well Abandonment
·         Site Clearing and Grading
Specialized Contracting Needs – Rentals, Site Assistance, etc.