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Betts offers a full range of drilling services from traditional to sonic drilling techniques. We have a crew and fleet that is experienced handling large and small-scale projects across a variety of terrain.
Geotechnical drilling is used before construction for site investigation to determine type of soil and conditions of the site to determine the best course of action before building. Betts uses CME 75 and CME 55 rigs mounted on truck carriers and on ATV carriers for serious off-road needs. With these rigs Betts can auger drill and provide split-spoon samples, Shelby tube sampling and bulk sampling to almost any depth required in the Southeast.

  • All of the rigs have auto-drop hammers for maximum safety and speed of operation.
  • All hammers are calibrated on a biannual basis or as required by an outside contractor.
  • All of the rigs can convert from auger to mud rotary.
  • All of the rigs are capable of air-hammer drilling or core drilling in bedrock (if needed).

Betts also uses direct-push technology (DPT) Geoprobe series 7822 track mounted rigs. These rigs give maximum power and versatility in a relatively small and maneuverable package. Because the DPT rigs also have auger-drilling capabilities and calibrated auto-drop hammers just like the full-size rigs, they too can provide split spoon sampling with blow counts for geotechnical investigations.

In addition to the above services, Betts has added a Sonic drill rig to our fleet in early 2018. Learn more about sonic drilling techniques.