Environmental Drilling and Sampling

Environmental Drilling and Sampling

Betts provides environmental drilling, sampling, and assessment services. We are able to review subsurface impacts and monitor conditions over time on our job sites. We have experience sampling an array of sediment types as well as ground water. We offer direct-push technology (DPT) and auger/mud technology based on the needs of the project and geological condition of the site.

Betts provides direct-push technology (DPT) and uses the Geoprobe series 7822 track mounted rig. These rigs give maximum power and versatility in a relatively small and maneuverable package. Betts can perform soil and groundwater sampling as well as auger drilling if needed with these DPT rigs. The probe rigs can handle:

  • Macro-core sampling, retrieving samples undisturbed from depth via acetate sleeves that contain the samples with minimal disturbance to the original strata.
  • Groundwater sampling, drilling to depth intervals using the SP-15 drive down hole sampler to push open the stainless steel screen unit letting groundwater flow in from that interval.
  • Use peristaltic pump or micro-bailers, groundwater samples can be obtained for laboratory analysis.
  • Install one- or two-inch monitoring wells.
  • Install pre-packed screen type monitoring wells via their large diameter DPT tooling or through the augers as with standard well materials.

In addition to the DPT rigs available, Betts has more traditional (and larger) auger and mud rotary rigs available for soil sampling and well installations. Betts offers CME 75 and CME 55 rigs mounted on truck carriers and on ATV carriers for serious off-road needs. The auger rotary rigs can handle:

  • Split-spoon samples to greater depths.
  • Larger diameter auger drilling for double cased monitoring wells.
  • Easily convert from auger to mud rotary as needed.
  • Air-hammer drilling or core drilling in bedrock (if needed).

Betts also added the sonic drill rig to our fleet in early 2018. Learn more about sonic drilling techniques.