Drilling With a View

Betts has been drilling the i-85 and i-400 project for quite some time now as it is a job that keeps on giving which of course is everyone’s favorite kind. We have been providing geotechnical drilling mainly with ATV rigs for about two years. The work has been split by our Atlanta office’s crews and our Adel crews. Catching a nice view like this one on break makes the hard work worthwhile.

Its wet in Atlanta, we are still working but the dirt moving guys packed up and went home.

Everyone Needs a Lift Sometimes

This picture was taken in the greater Atlanta area on a geotechnical site. The project was to test the roof surface of the building for the base of a large billboard that was constructed on top of the building. Pictured is a crane that was brought to lift one of our Geoprobe 7822’s on to the rooftop for drilling. This was a bit of a unique day for one of our crews.

Inside another warehouse with one of our GeoProbe 7822’s.

Here is proof we do drill on the moon but the mobilization is really expensive and it’s really hard to find a decent hotel…

Savannah – i-95 and i-16

Betts Environmental spent about eight months in Savannah, Georgia drilling geotechnical SPT borings in the area where i-16 and i-95 intersect. This project was for the future improvement of this intersection’s safety and traffic efficiency. We had a mixture of crews on site throughout the duration of this project including geoprobe, ATV and excavator clearing crews. Our crews and project managers worked day and night over the eight month period this job endured.

Can you find the GeoProbe 7822 in this picture?

Good day to be drilling in down town Atlanta… look close there is no traffic either.

Not a cloud in the sky, good day to be drilling some bridge borings

Some borings only a Geoprobe can get to