Not a Boring Job – Savannah

Location: Savannah, Georgia
Job: I-16 and I-95 IntersectThis was an eight month DOT project for future improvement of this intersection’s safety and traffic efficiency, widening of roadways and addition of bridges. Betts provided a mixture of crews  and equipment on this site throughout the duration of the project including geoprobe’s, ATV mounted CME’s and excavator clearing crews. Betts provided SPT borings for soil characterization and site investigation to assist in the preparation for the future road and bridge construction. This project required extensive amounts of night work to keep our crews safe from daily high levels of traffic congestion in the area.

Drilling with a View – Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Job: I-285 and SR 400 Improvement Project

This is an ongoing project with the Georgia DOT to be completed by 2020. Betts has been providing site characterization and soil investigation geotechnical services for the past two years. The project will help improve the infrastructure with new ramps, collector and distributor lanes and reconstruction of bridges to help reduce traffic congestion and enhance safety near the i-285/SR 400 interchange in Atlanta. We have had to use truck mounted CME’s, ATV mounted CME’s and geoprobes with GDOT certified automatic SPT hammers based on the surfaces and terrain we encounter. The work has been split by our crews in Atlanta and Adel.